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31st May, 2008



Originally uploaded by jedsmom14
I'd like to introduce you to Bess, she has been four years in the making. This week was the first sleepover trip and she took us to Cheddar and Glastonbury.

We had mud and floods and a really good laugh.

24th Dec, 2007


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Merry Christmas to everyone! May the 'Big One' bring everything you wish for!

We can play with our Wii now!

20th Nov, 2007


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Just because

jakes birthday treat

Originally uploaded by jedsmom14
Yet another birthday, 10, double figures!

We had a great day out on Saturday for Jakes birthday. Three of his mates, Rachel and her best mate and the birthday boy headed down the Bay. First stop was Techniquest science museum. It was akin to the opening scene from Shameless, the kids just scattered! We watched the lecture with contributions from all of the boys, played on all the exhibits and solved puzzles. After about 4 hours they decided that stomachs were empty and needed food so Pizza Hut did the job. Next stop then was the Dr Who exhibition where we saw real props and things including Mr Ecclestones leather jacket and ...drumroll..the most handsomest Drs outfit. ( I thought of a certain LJer when I saw it)

All in all a good day was had by all

10th Nov, 2007


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The kids have been discussing the muppets. Who was your favourite? I've gone for animal the drummer, Rob has plumped for Beaker and the kids are having too much fun to decide yet. Thanks you tube.

25th Sep, 2007



Does anyone you know have their navel pierced? I 'have' to get mine done and I need to ask about aftercare.

Can I still swim while it is healing?

I have to have it done so my 16yo sister in law can have hers done. I'm trailblazing so the mother/father in law leave her alone. Heyho

Course news, they cancelled my a level course, there just wasn't enough interest. So next course of action is to try to find another way!

13th Apr, 2007


Smile makers

Things that have made me smile this week

1. Long lie ins
2. Chocolate
3. Ds finally making a 'nice' cup of tea (it's been quite horrid until now but practise makes perfect)
4. The thought of getting back to a routine on Monday

19th Mar, 2007


Three things

that cheered me up this week

1. Realising that I can cope when I am out of my comfort zone.
2. Having a lovely but busy Mother's Day
3. Finding a £20 note in my jeans pocket that I had forgotten about.

10th Mar, 2007


Snaffled from Weebly and LindyB

Playing with books.
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 127.
3. Find the second sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

'An after-piece instead of a comedy,' said Mr Bertram. 'Lover's Vows were at an end, and Lord and Lady Ravenshaw left to act My Grandmother by themselves. Well the jointure may comfort him; and perhaps between friends, he began to tremble for his credit and his lungs in the Baron, and was not sorry to withdraw; and to make you amends, Yates, I think we must raise a little theatre at Mansfield, and ask you to be our manager.'
This though the thought of the moment, did not end with the moment; for the inclination to act was awakened, and in no one more strongly than in him who was now master of the house; and who having so much leisure as to make almost any novelty a certain good, had likewise such a degree of lively talents and comic taste, as were exactly adapted to the novelty of acting.

Mansfield Park - Jane Austen

I heard about the Austen season on ITV shortly and realised that I had never read this or Persuasion. I hate seeing adaptations/films of books before reading the original so I had better get a wriggle on and finish it!

Apparantly Billie Piper is Fanny Price, nothing like what I imagined her to look like. Am I the only one that has quite *strict* ideas of how characters look/behave and gets disappointed when a totally different looking person takes on the role?

Three things

weeblyone asked for three things which cheered us up this week.

1. Finally getting stairs from the living room into the cellar, a whole new living space
2. Catching up with an old friend from school
3. Finishing a book that I have picked up and put down for months

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